eCommerce SEO Service

Digital marketing or SEO for eCommerce website is more challenging as the only parameter of its success is sales figure. But it’s not for Brandism’s ecommerce SEO experts because they have served major clients in their journey.

eCommerce SEO is a lot more than just deciding keywords and started working on them. As like other SEO agency we know how to rank on first page in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But it’s not enough for uplifting the revenue for eCommerce site. There are number of on-site factors also affect the conversion. We create a centripetal effect by consolidating all these eCommerce ranking factors together and strive for achieving 1st page rank and pulling-off potential visitors to your site.

What we do in SEO for eCommerce site

  • AB Testing for improving conversion-rate
  • On-Page or Technical SEO of eCommerce site which includes page load time, site category structure and URL optimization, image & content optimization, canonical pages, sitemaps, meta tags, optimization for multilingual site.
  • Set Google Analytics goals for conversion tracking
  • Content Marketing (Digital PR, Editorial writing, Product marketing)
  • Inbound Links: our eCommerce link building work is slightly different than others because with acquiring links from high Domain Authority domains of your niche, we build links for individual products as well. For example for fashion eCommerce site, we use Polyvore, Fashiolista and similar other sites for product marketing.
  • Gain Social love for your site and products via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

To know our five steps SEO process kindly click here.

For eCommerce SEO, we define deliverable based on below factors.

  • How much old your business is?
  • Your brand presence
  • Product price is competitive or not?
  • Did Google penalize your site ever or not?
  • Current website traffic & sales figures
  • How much link juice your site has?

To receive a no-obligation quote and free website audit you can contact us 24/7. We are happy to be a part of your eCommerce Success story.