SMS Engine Software

SMS Engine is a desktop-based software that sends bulk SMS to group of people within few minutes. One can upload the data sheet (csv or xlsx format) that requires to send via SMS. Brandism Technologies have integrated SMS gateway API in SMS engine and through this gateway, people get SMS in their mobile phones.

Normally, this software is used to send transaction SMS and marketing purpose promotional SMS as well. There is no technical knowledge required to use this software and that is the reason this SMS Engine software is used by our number of clients that is co-operative dairy located in Gujarat region.

Salient features of the SMS Engine Software:

  • Quick Bulk SMS sending without failure
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Flexible upload file format according to the client’s requirement
  • Group SMS sending functionality
  • Individual Text SMS sending feature
  • Robust user management to avoid unauthorised access of software
  • User-friendly user interface (UI) design
  • Compatible with all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10
  • Advanced Back-up facility

How it works (For Co-operative dairy):

SMS_Engine_Software_How it Works

Advantages of SMS Engine Software over Traditional Manual Paper System:

          Traditional System                                                                                                   SMS Engine
Co-operative dairy firms operate their business by establishing small societies in villages or centers.


Milk is collected by these individual societies and proceed for chilling centers.

Chilling centers test the milk and send its FAT, SNF, Weight, Grade details to societies through a printed sleep.


  • In this manual process, sometimes societies may not be received receipt in time.
  • In few cases receipt may be lost by delivery man or secretaries too.
  • In this process, Print paper and ink (printer cartridge or ribbon) expense is a significant amount as well.
  • Process is not as fast as required.


SMS engine is basically a desktop based software system which sends Milk details like its FAT, SNF, weight and other information through SMS.


This SMS is sent through internet SMS gateway. Society secretary receive SMS once the fill-up process complete and data stored in SAP or other software.


  • It makes the process easy and fast.
  • It saves money spent on print paper and printer cartridge or ribbon.
  • Easy to use, not required any technical ability to use this software.
  • It will be helpful for making the process transparent.
  • You can save records for long time.

SMS Engine software is also useful for other businesses as well. We will customize the application according to your requirement. So don’t hesitate to contact us for your requirement of sending bulk SMS via software.

We offer transactional and promotional SMS package so you don’t need to go elsewhere for the same. We configure SMS gateway API in SMS engine software and deliver you at the time of final deployment so you can start using it directly. If you already have SMS package purchased from other provider then we can integrate its API in our software.

SMS Engine Demo: For demonstration or free-trial, you can contact us 24*7. We will explain you in detail with its features, pricing and resolve your query regarding the software and its fruitfulness for your business.

Inquire us today or alternately you can call us at +91-9106761510.

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Our Clients (Who are using SMS Engine Software)
Sudama Dairy- Porbandar
Sursagar Dairy- Surendranagar