Social Media Marketing

Social Media Experts at Brandism help the businesses to meet the right social media audience through sure-shot social media campaign in leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus. In the presence context, social media handles are almost mandatory for all businesses whether it is local or global, B2B or B2C.

According to the latest report published in Harvard business review website, social media is becoming a very handy tool for customers. They prefer company’s social media page or profiles for any complaints or queries. So not only for promoting the brand or uplifting the sales figure but for reliable customer support, businesses have to embrace them.

How can you leverage Social media platforms for business?

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Accelerate Sales or generate numerous inquiries
  • Enable your customers to reach to you for any help or query
  • Building brand trust among your audience
  • Let your happy customers to promote your brand in their circles (mouth marketing)

Our Social Media marketing service includes

  • Social Media Page Design & Setup
  • Social Media Audience Analysis
  • Social Media Ads Campaign setup and management (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Social Media Content development & distribution
  • Social Community Management
  • Iinfluence Marketing
  • Social Media metrics
  • Social Media Support(Technical and sales)

We also offer social media consulting service for the businesses that have their own social media management team. We utilize our expertise to define a sure-shot strategy for you. As a part of this consulting service we also held few training work-shops (usually via video conferencing) with your in-house team. Our consultation charge is based on the hours we require to spend for strategy work-out but it will be affordable as always.

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